WTF. Looks like it was drawn by a child

# What is this S**t?

So as the story goes, I was down a deep crypto rabbit hole for months, ever since Beeples first nifty gateway NFT sale (I've been a long time fan). It was deep in winter and I had ethereum mining GPUs keeping my room warm whilst sipping coffee learning solidity smart contracts and generally dreaming of the day I could sell my own artwork. I was learning haskell in bed and generally annoying my love with conversation she was clearly not into!

In complete sheer coincidence I walked downstairs during a particularly crypto centric morning to find my 8 year old son had started drawing his OWN limited edition trading cards.

First Marshie ever

I tried to walk away but voices were calling out inside my head to 'Blockchain ALL the things!'. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to explain to an 8 year old what cryptocurrencies were hoping to get onto NFT's. It was FAR too removed from the tangiable assets he actually wanted and I think I broke his brain trying to connect it back to a minecraft lego set. It was a frustrating moment for sure but it left me with a burning desire to SHOW him. I casually told his mum that I'll sell them for crypto and then hodl that in a wallet and let him HAVE his lego set when yanno, he cryptographically signs an unspent transaction with his eliptic curve derived private key, muhahahahahaha.

With mostly good (some evil) intent I set out to immortalize his artwork. Couple months later and I had this website which, to me, represents a celebration of the longevity I think crypto has, particularly Cardano. I'm betting my son will appreciate his long token HODL and hopefully, when he is an aspiring and popular adult artist, these will be retroactively valuable, not only as early tokens but also as early artwork.

And if they aren't valuable at all, well they say its the thought that counts... and these thoughts are cryptographically immutable 😃

Anywho, if you buy a token today you are literally investing in my son. I pledge the money made will either go directly back into this project or will encourage his art in some other way. I'd like to do these issues once per year. (Art progression is guaranteed!)

Anyway if it fails completely so be it. At the very least he's going to be HELLA excited today to have made his first sale. (Thank you random internet person!!). Know that whoever that was has literally incentivized my kid to do more art 😃

Exciting times we live in! 😃

Ciao. xx

King Leto III