# Gimme Gimme Gimme

You can buy a token by clicking on the blue tokens that are for sale.. They look like this...

  • Not For Sale : This particular token is not yet ready for sale
  • For Sale : This particular token is for sale and you should be able to click on it to buy it.
  • Auction : This particular token up for sale on Auction (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
  • Competition : This particular token is a prize for a competition. Click for Details.
  • Reserved : This particular token is reserved for someone
  • Low HP : (Not yet implemented). This token needs to be fed SMORES tokens
  • DECEASED : (Not yet implemented). This token has received too many INFECTION tokens and token has been BURNED

# I wants moar dApp functionalities!

dApp functionality yet to be implemented. Coming soon (Cardano Alonzo Era).

In the meantime please refer to the Blog