# FAQ's

# What is this place, why does it look like something a child would make?

A: Blog Post

# What the heck is an NFT?

A: The NFT Bible: OpenSea (opens new window)

# Are these all NFT?

A: No. Unlike other projects (i.e SpaceBudz ) that generate individual artworks and mint them as NFT. I decided to take a different approach much like trading cards (i.e. Pokemon) and instead create Limited Fungiable assets. Each Marshie is hand crafted, artisan style and its' associated assets are unique between Marshies but each one has a 'Population' of fungiable tokens depending on its RARITY stat. i.e. Legendary (4) means there are (AND ALWAYS WILL BE) 4 in existence. You can buy one or more of these tokens and they are fungiable with tokens of the same population. I.e. two #007 Popcorns are identical. As you can see they are very limited editions however. We did this to create a trading environment.

As of writing the only true NFT asset on this site is '#001 Unknown'.

# What are these Marshie Token Statuses?


  • Not For Sale : This particular token is not yet ready for sale
  • For Sale : This particular token is for sale and you should be able to click on it to buy it.
  • Auction : This particular token up for sale on Auction (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
  • Competition : This particular token is a prize for a competition. Click for Details.
  • Reserved : This particular token is reserved for someone
  • Low HP : (Not yet implemented). This token needs to be fed SMORES tokens
  • DECEASED : (Not yet implemented). This token has received too many INFECTION tokens and token has been BURNED

# Is this an automated website (Instant Tokens)

A: No. As of writing everything is automated except the final token delivery. If this website gets enough interest BEFORE Alonzo era of Cardano (smart contracts) I may automate the token delivery. To date I plan on issuing tokens by hand which currently means that if im AFK (i.e. asleep) then you will have to wait for your token. If you would have bought one if it was instant please give me the feedback on Telegram - some small nagging interest will sway me im sure 😃

# Can I get a refund?

A: Yes. I will refund everything except the transaction fees at the charge of one transaction fee on top after a returned token upto 30 days period. I will also take into consideration the minimum ADA fee that you will have to pay when you send your tokens back although this should match the ADA you got with the token in the first place.

# Where can I get my files!??

A: As of writing I've yet to make a checkout so you'll have to check the metadata of the minting transaction for your goodies. This is listed on the 'On Chain, Hall of Fame' for each marshie.

Root folder of all marshies is here (opens new window)

# Gimme some technical details about the tokens and minting policy.

A: Sure. Tokens were minted with a policy that prevents more minting after a certain blockchain slot (which has now EXPIRED!)

    "scripts": [
            "keyHash": "22e6f5b7d24db716065337e24c9b7ea74c65f1a37a929191efd82b84",
            "type": "sig"
            "slot": 28381337,
            "type": "before"
    "type": "all"

If you would like to independently validate that this script hashes to the correct policyId please run the following in a terminal

# $SCRIPT is the policy above saved into a json file, in this case policyscript.json
POLICYID=$(cardano-cli transaction policyid --script-file "$SCRIPT")

This will output the policyId