Marshie #001 - Name: 'Unknown'

ID: InfectedMarshie001

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Bonus Content!
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  • Rarity: unique (1)
  • HP: 250
  • Super Sawrd (878HP)
  • Super lazer (1000HP)


192 ADA

Unknown is a tricky guy. His true name is unpronounceable on account it is a SHA256 hash of Satoshi Nakamotos's private key. It is said he screams his name upon his own death. But how do you kill something so immutable AND on a different chain?

# Package Contents

Tokenized link encapsulating ALL of the below.

   |----- Looping mp4 movie file (Shown above)
   |----- Original high resolution artwork (jpg File)
   |----- Virtual Reality Metaverse Asset (glTF Format File)
   |----- Original 3D Asset and showcase scene (.blend Format file)
   |----- *Bonus pixel art*
   |----- Immense Gratitude (in token form)
   |----- MAYBE Hidden easter eggs.