Marshie #003 - Name: 'Cash'

ID: InfectedMarshie003

Front of Card
Back of Card
  • Rarity: legendary (2)
  • HP: 178
  • Cash Blast (50HP)
  • Ruby Trap (30HP)
  • Emrald Lazer (130HP)


96 ADA

# Legendary Marshie - Cash

Cash does not know his self worth and so he constantly surrounds himself with Fiat paper and coins from centuries past. Help him find his place in the world by setting his value against his marshmallowy crypto compatriots.

# Package Contents

Tokenized link encapsulating ALL of the below.

   |----- Looping mp4 movie file (Shown above)
   |----- Original high resolution artwork (jpg File)
   |----- Virtual Reality Metaverse Asset (glTF Format File)
   |----- Original 3D Asset and showcase scene (.blend Format file)
   |----- Immense Gratitude (in token form)
   |----- MAYBE Hidden easter eggs.