Marshie #008 - Name: 'Radation'

ID: InfectedMarshie008

Front of Card
Back of Card
  • Rarity: rare (8)
  • HP: 100
  • Radation Gas (50HP)
  • Radation Lazer (80HP)


16 ADA

Radation thought he would develop special powers on exposure but instead he broke out with a skin condition

# Package Contents

Tokenized link encapsulating ALL of the below.

   |----- Looping mp4 movie file (Shown above)
   |----- Original high resolution artwork (jpg File)
   |----- Virtual Reality Metaverse Asset (glTF Format File)
   |----- Original 3D Asset and showcase scene (.blend Format file)
   |----- Immense Gratitude (in token form)
   |----- MAYBE Hidden easter eggs.